Congratulations! You have completed your first year of the School Psychology Program, and it is appropriate for you to spend extended time in the field to become more familiar with the professional practice of school psychology.  Practicum in school psychology is designed to provide opportunities for candidates to be involved in the schools and to observe and participate in a wide variety of activities. Candidates’ field-based experiences will be supported by seminars and course work.  Candidates will be working under the mentorship of a credentialed school psychologist who will serve as a Field Mentor who has agreed to provide them access to a variety of experiences.

This Practicum Digital Fieldwork Handbook is a companion to the Practicum Candidate Handbook.  It will be a resource to help reinforce your understanding of the requirements of 3 foundational components of fieldwork:  developing and maintaining the activity log; executing the required domain activities; and, developing the Portfolio in Livetext.  The 3 chapters in the Digital Handbook will provide self-pacing exercises to reinforce your knowledge and understanding of these fieldwork components.


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